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Praise For The First Release

“A system that works.”


“Clear and concise.”


“This is brilliant. You have inspired me to write my own book.”

Heather Anderson

“I love your style. You make things clear and simple. Your writing is most enjoyable. You’re inspiring me to write my own book.”

Anar Rafiq

“I know where to go when I want to write my book.”


Other Books

Eight Steps To Be An Authorpreneur

Are you ready to become an author? Not just any author, but a thriving author who makes a living from their written words?

Author’s Planner and Bullet Journal

Whether you’re a blogger, a nonfiction author, or a novelist, this planner is a must-have productivity tool.

Dare To Create

You can’t keep on postponing the call to creative work, thinking one day when the time is right you will do what you really want to do. (Upcoming book, dummy cover)