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Hi, welcome to my site. I write fiction and non-fiction books. In fiction, I write character-driven stories. In non-fiction, I write about creativity, productivity, and author-centric books helping writers become authorpreneurs.

About me

I took writing as a hobby to get better at it. Although I loved reading since childhood, writing was something I had never tried my hands on until mid-life. I started scribbling in my journals, attended some writing courses, and joined writers’ groups. All this time I didn’t dare call myself a writer because, in my mind, a writer was someone who had something published.

In twenty years of pursuing my hobby, I wrote several stories from my life, articles, fictional stories, and even the first draft of a novel yet I was too scared to publish anything with my name on it thinking it was not good enough.

Then in mid-2018, I gathered enough courage and started a blog. After the initial dread was over and some of my articles were admired, I started posting regularly churning out at least two posts a week. I became a better writer in 18 months of blogging than in 20 years of writing.

My humble blog has now morphed into a fully-fledged site where I am sharing all that I learned (and will continue to learn) with you.

Why a whimsical writer?

Because I have changed my mindset from ‘I am going to become a writer even if it kills me’ to ‘I am going to have fun with my writing’. I have realized a little bit of playfulness can take us, the uptight writers, a long way. Need more persuasion, read my article Trickster vs Martyr.

Meet Ms. Jolly

Ms. Jolly came out fully-formed from the cartoon drawing course I started in mid-2019. Within weeks she took over my creative process and started dictating how I draw. I think she is my alter ego, who is more daring, wittier, confident, and world-smart than me. She is now the energy behind all my creative work.