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“Dance….and for years later you’re dancing around your kitchen with a pint of milk in your hand. The windows are open wide, the neighbours are still awake, and they are watching you fall in love with being alive.” – Morsus Engel

Any time you feel disheartened, dispirited or depressed, ask yourself these questions…

When was the last time I danced? When was the last time I sang? When was the last time I was enchanted by a story? When was the last time I found comfort in silence? When we stop dancing, singing, being enchanted by stories or finding comfort in silence is when we experience the loss […]

We need idle time…

As the festive season approaches, I am getting busier and busier. There is so much to do before we reach the shutdown period. What I look forward to is the idle time between Christmas and New Year. We all need idle time.  To wake up in the morning and have that feeling that the whole […]

Finding it difficult to make a choice?

Want to make better choices? Familiarize yourself with Hicks’s Law.

Pin it to your board

This picture and quote came to me via Pinterest. There is no way to find out who originally created it or wrote the words. So can’t do the attribution. Yet I am passing it on with the hope that it will go to your pinboard as it did to mine.  A simple but powerful reminder, […]

Most important American novel of its time

Last night I stayed up till midnight watching Ron Howard’s 2015 movie ‘In the Heart of the Sea.’ based on Nathaniel Philbrick‘s non-fiction book of the same name, about the sinking of the American whaling ship Essex in 1820.  The movie starts with Herman Melville, author of the novel Moby Dick, considered one of the most […]

Almost there…

Now that NaNoWriMo is close to finishing, I am ready to come out of self-imposed hibernation feeling relieved and ecstatic. Just short of 6751 words to win the challenge at the time of writing this post, I am fairly certain that I will be able to knock these down in the next two nights. Now […]

Art Bus

I walk out of the workplace at lunchtime and find a colourful bus parked in the middle of the city walk. There is no sign next to explain what it was other than the sign on the head of the bus that says ART BUS. What a treat? I take some photos and then hit […]

November novel writing month

NaNoWriMo has started and this year I am writing a non-fiction book. I am a proud participant in the program for eight years. This year my strategy is to write 600 words in the morning, 600 hundred during the day and 600 in the evening. I must say, it is working like magic. Photo by […]