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The first 1000 blog posts are difficult…

I haven’t written about blogging for some time. However, today’s blog post from Seth Godin, an entrepreneur and an author of 18 books and a long-time blogger with 7000 posts to his credit (never missed a day), reminded me to talk about my blogging journey. Seth has been encouraging people to blog. “Daily blogging is […]

Six-hour working day

We are overworked, stressed, and not living the lives we are meant to live. Mere four hundred years ago, there were no jobs. People did what they wanted to do and earned their living by creating value in their unique way. Then came the industrial age. Big factories came into existence which started employing people […]

Happiness is may not be good for the economy but might be good for the planet

The above excerpt is from Matt Haig’s book “Reasons to Stay Alive,” and there is a lot of truth in it. Business thrives and flourishes on one main human trait: dissatisfaction. Not only we are living in a “competitive” world but we are living in a world of “excess.” Our wardrobes, our houses, and our […]

The imagination age

Do you have any idea which age we are in? Last time I checked we were in the information age. Now, I am told, we are living in the Imagination Age. The Imagination Age is a period beyond the Information Age where creativity and imagination are the primary creators of economic value. This contrasts with […]

A case for standing up while creating

Standing desks at workplaces are becoming increasingly prevalent. Despite complaints about aching legs and strain on spines, more and more people are choosing them. The pay-off is just not in health benefits but also in productivity. An average person sits for approximately twelve hours a day. The doctors are warning that sitting is the new […]

Joys of mediocrity

At last, there are a few more people on this planet who have the same views as mine about ‘mediocrity.’ So much so that Tim Wu, the author of The Attention Merchants has written an opinion post in the New York Times In Praise of Mediocrity. Tim has pointed out there is a slow disappearance […]

A better question

I am reading Mark Mason’s book The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck where I got struck by an interesting point. Mark writes, when asked “What do you want out of life?” most people respond by saying something like, “I want to be happy, have a great family and a good job.” This response […]

Where the day has gone?

You are hoping for a solid day’s work. Brainstorming and writing in the morning, editing and polishing in the afternoon and reading at night. Not too much to ask for especially when you have the whole day to yourself. Your day starts well, you mind-map three articles and write three pages before I taking the […]

Happiness is overrated

Why is everyone so obsessed with being happy? Why can’t we accept that happiness is a feeling which comes and goes just like sadness, anger, love, and frustration? None of these feelings last forever, not even love. Why would happiness? How many of us have stayed in a state of bliss forever? We all have […]