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How To Write and Publish an eBook in One Week

The only thing standing between you and your dream of being an author is your first book. This book can help by :

  • Showing you why you should write shorter books (page 5)
  • Selecting an easy topic (page 16)
  • Outlining it quickly (page 27)
  • Minimizing research time (page 35)
  • Writing and editing it in a week (page 44-57)
  • Publishing it in a few hours (pages 62-76)

Would you rather spend months figuring all this out, or would you like it in one easy-to-read reference manual?
You’ll love this book because it’s going to make writing a breeze.

Get it now and get started.

“Solid Instructions. It’s clear the author has done the research! Thorough read for anyone who wants to write and publish an ebook .”
– Todd Brison, a reviewer at Amazon