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Dare To Create

Are you trapped in a bullshit job?

Is your work seems pointless and has stopped satisfying you?

Are you feeling unfulfilled and worthless?

It is the creative side of you demanding expression. We, humans, are born creative, and when our creativity doesn’t get a way to express itself we feel stuck and frustrated.

You can’t keep on postponing the call to creative work, thinking one day when the time is right you will do what you really want to do. Life is short. Before you know it, it is going to be over. Are you prepared to die without even finding out what would have happened hand you followed your dream?

You would love this book because it will give you tools to unleash your creativity.

(New cover coming soon)

What Readers Are Saying About The Previous Book:

“A system that works.”


“Clear and concise.”


This is brilliant. You have inspired me to write my own book.

Heather Anderson

 love your style. You make things clear and simple. Your writing is most enjoyable. You’re inspiring me to write my own book.


 I know where to go when I want to write my book.


About the Author

Writing was a hobby for me until it became an obsession!

Hi, I am Neera Mahajan. I write fiction and non-fiction books. In fiction, I write character-driven stories. In non-fiction, I write about creativity, productivity, and author-centric books helping writers become authorpreneurs.

I took writing as a hobby to get better at it. Although I loved reading since childhood, writing was something I had never tried my hands on until mid-life. I started scribbling in my journals, attended some writing courses, and joined writers’ groups. All this time I didn’t dare call myself a writer because, in my mind, a writer was someone who had something published.

In twenty years of pursuing my hobby, I wrote several stories from my life, articles, fictional stories, and even the first draft of a novel yet I was too scared to publish anything with my name on it thinking it was not good enough.

Then in mid-2018, I gathered enough courage and started a blog. After the initial dread was over and some of my articles were admired, I started posting regularly churning out at least two posts a week. I became a better writer in 18 months of blogging than in 20 years of writing.

My humble blog has now morphed into a fully-fledged site where I am sharing all that I learned (and will continue to learn) with you.

My books will help you break into the tough writing industry. Join my Review Team and be the first one to get access to them. 

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