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Valparaiso – a city where creativity is everywhere

Valparaiso was more than I hoped for. We took a bus from Santiago to get to Valparaiso. The two-hour ride was my first experience of Chile’s countryside, and I was looking forward to driving through the famous winery town on the way. Instead, we passed through a valley, hills on both sides, beautiful scenery. And, I […]

Pin it to your board

This picture and quote came to me via Pinterest. There is no way to find out who originally created it or wrote the words. So can’t do the attribution. Yet I am passing it on with the hope that it will go to your pinboard as it did to mine.  A simple but powerful reminder, […]

Art Bus

I walk out of the workplace at lunchtime and find a colourful bus parked in the middle of the city walk. There is no sign next to explain what it was other than the sign on the head of the bus that says ART BUS. What a treat? I take some photos and then hit […]

A case for standing up while creating

Standing desks at workplaces are becoming increasingly prevalent. Despite complaints about aching legs and strain on spines, more and more people are choosing them. The pay-off is just not in health benefits but also in productivity. An average person sits for approximately twelve hours a day. The doctors are warning that sitting is the new […]

Happiness is overrated

Why is everyone so obsessed with being happy? Why can’t we accept that happiness is a feeling which comes and goes just like sadness, anger, love, and frustration? None of these feelings last forever, not even love. Why would happiness? How many of us have stayed in a state of bliss forever? We all have […]

Cherry blossoms and change of some rules

Here are the things I find worth sharing this week. My post about a scientific, fail-proof method to study and retain complex and lengthy material introduced by no other than Tony Buzan. A note on how unforgiving and overdisciplined we have become. I have always believed that having a linear goal at every stage of […]

Unforgiving and overdisciplined

How unforgiving and overdisciplined we have become. We not only can’t forgive others but also ourselves. We are harsher on ourselves than we are on others. We judge and punish ourselves if we think that we have not done what we expected to do. We deprive ourselves of the kindness we preach ourselves to offer […]