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Four stages of Creative Process

English socialist and social psychologist Graham Wallas, proposed four stages of creative process in his book The Art of Thought, published in 1926. These stages are preparation, incubation, illumination and verification. The preparation is the feeding stage. Brain is hungry for knowledge so you got to feed it. At this stage your brain is like […]

Seven Principles of Creative Living

Lawrence G Boldt, a writer, career consultant, and a personal coach gives seven principles for creative living in his book How to Be, Do or Have Anything: 1. Among human beings, creativity is a natural, and not an exceptional, trait. Birds fly, fish swim, humans create. 2. For the individual, personal freedom and self-fulfillment depend […]

Is being creative means being original?

What is being creative mean to you? If you think a creative is someone who creates something unique out of the blue then you are as wrong as I was when I didn’t understand creativity. Creativity is nothing more but a process. A process of creating something. From imagination to reality. From an idea to […]