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The more I read, the less I write

Reading and writing are two integral activities for writers. A writer must read and she must write. But lately I have found that more I read, less I write. Why is that so? There are a few reasons for that. One, I get carried away, one article leads to other, one link has ten more, […]

Cherry blossoms and change of some rules

Here are the things I find worth sharing this week. My post about a scientific, fail-proof method to study and retain complex and lengthy material introduced by no other than Tony Buzan. A note on how unforgiving and overdisciplined we have become. I have always believed that having a linear goal at every stage of […]

How to read a complex and lengthy book and retain most of it

I am a long-time fan of Tony Buzan, the inventor of the Mindmapping technique. In his book Use Your Head he suggests an Organic Study Method that could be applied to reading complex and lengthy material for maximum retention with minimum time investment. The usual way to study text or non-fiction is to start the […]

Aunt Grace’s Philosophy

Many years ago I read a story that impacted me so much that I wrote it down in my journal. Recently, while going through old notebooks, I read it and it hit the cord in me again. I have to share it with you. It originally appeared in Reader’s Digest. The writer Nardi Reeder Campion […]

Publishing a book doesn’t make you a writer

There is a misconception that all aspiring writers have. They are not willing to accept themselves as writers till they have published a book or an article or a short story. They are over the moon if their story wins an award because now they can call themselves a writer. There is proof now. Someone […]

A sketch a day

In primary school, we had a teacher who taught us drawing. In his eighties, he wore a white kurta-pajama, a white turban, and a white open beard. A gentle soul, he taught us how to: draw basic shapes, use a ruler properly and draw still-life and landscape. Children didn’t take his class seriously. For them, […]

Why I started this blog

Most blogs have an enchanging founding story. Mine is more of an emotional one.