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A story that will touch your heart

As you can tell, I am a collector of everyday stories. Here is another one: One afternoon, Martha Sweeny, was in a coin laundry outside her hometown of stonewall Texas, when half a dozen young motorcyclists suddenly roared up to the gas station next door. They were all a boisterous, rough-looking lot, and one of […]

Personal stories are all about change

Phillip Berry Osborne said: “Ultimately the key to personal-experience stories is change. Where our personal lives are concerned, in fact, change is probably the biggest single challenge we all face and share. That’s why the best personal stories explore our transition in life – if only to encourage us to accept ourselves in some new […]

Evoke the senses with your writing

E. L. Doctorow once noted, “Good writing is supposed to evoke a sensation in the reader – not the fact that it’s raining but the feeling of being rained upon.” Like the one below by Jean George, a New York writer, a master of sensory writing. After a winter storm several years ago Jean was […]

Everyday Stories

In the last few posts I have been sharing everyday stories with you. Ordinary stories from ordinary lives. Yet they are compelling and stay with us forever. Some of the best writing – the kind that the readers readily identify with – comes out of all the little happenings in our daily lives. I have […]

Aunt Grace’s Philosophy

Many years ago I read a story that impacted me so much that I wrote it down in my journal. Recently, while going through old notebooks, I read it and it hit the cord in me again. I have to share it with you. It originally appeared in Reader’s Digest. The writer Nardi Reeder Campion […]

Publishing a book doesn’t make you a writer

There is a misconception that all aspiring writers have. They are not willing to accept themselves as writers till they have published a book or an article or a short story. They are over the moon if their story wins an award because now they can call themselves a writer. There is proof now. Someone […]

A sketch a day

In primary school, we had a teacher who taught us drawing. In his eighties, he wore a white kurta-pajama, a white turban, and a white open beard. A gentle soul, he taught us how to: draw basic shapes, use a ruler properly and draw still-life and landscape. Children didn’t take his class seriously. For them, […]

Why I started this blog

Most blogs have an enchanging founding story. Mine is more of an emotional one.