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Seeing the world with new eyes

This week I celebrated my last birthday in my fifties. Rather than feeling old, dejected, and “under-the-age”, I felt as if I am back in my teen years.

Once again I am exploring myself. Who am I? What do I want to do? What can I learn? What can I give back to the universe?

Once again I am seeing the world around me with fresh eyes. I am finding the world is not as frightening and enigmatic as used to be in my teen years and all through the twenties and thirties when I was struggling. It is magnificent and diverse. It has so much to offer no matter at what level you are and which place you come from. You just need to open your arms to receive.

Once again I have a child-like fascination towards life and the gifts it has to
offer. I am discovering new passions literary each day. Each morning I can’t
wait to get out of the bed to try new things.

All this time my children and my nephews and nieces are hailing me. Encouraging me to keep going. To keep trying. Keep discovering. They are taking the role of my parents who used to boast my childhood successes. It feels so good to explore new talents in me. The fire is on. The passion unbound.

If there is one insight I can give to those who feel trapped in jobs or life, as I used to just a couple of years ago, just hang on to your dream. One day you too will make your dream a reality.

This week I wrote four articles. They are small and easy reads full of actionable advice.

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