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Airports – the new galleries for contemporary art

Airports have come a long way in the past few years.

With their massive atriums, seemingly endless corridors, and captive travelers, they are the perfect venues for contemporary art installations.

Traveling is stressful. Art combats boredom, frustration, and stress. It can provide a welcome distraction for those with delays or those waiting in an endless security line.

The above massive indigenous art is on display at Sydney International Airport.

The Hamad International Airport at Doha, Qatar’s capital, has got eleven artworks on display in collaboration with Qatar Museums.

Artwork at Doha airport
Massive Wooden Pinocchio statue at Doha airport

It is great to see that airports and the museums working together in transforming airports into an immersive exhibition space to showcase the works of locally, regionally and globally renowned artists with the ultimate desire to enrich the overall traveling experience by making art more accessible for everyone.