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Two Lists

Make list of all your excuses and all the reasons you want to be creative. Put them on your pinboard.

Finding it difficult to make a choice?

Want to make better choices? Familiarize yourself with Hicks’s Law.

Six-hour working day

We are overworked, stressed, and not living the lives we are meant to live. Mere four hundred years ago, there were no jobs. People did what they wanted to do and earned their living by creating value in their unique way. Then came the industrial age. Big factories came into existence which started employing people […]

Where the day has gone?

You are hoping for a solid day’s work. Brainstorming and writing in the morning, editing and polishing in the afternoon and reading at night. Not too much to ask for especially when you have the whole day to yourself. Your day starts well, you mind-map three articles and write three pages before I taking the […]

How to read a complex and lengthy book and retain most of it

I am a long-time fan of Tony Buzan, the inventor of the Mindmapping technique. In his book Use Your Head he suggests an Organic Study Method that could be applied to reading complex and lengthy material for maximum retention with minimum time investment. The usual way to study text or non-fiction is to start the […]

Have a linear goal…

I was going through one of my old journals when I found one of my favorite quotes: “Then she understood that what she needed was the motion to a purpose, no matter how small or in what form, the sense of activity going step by step to some chosen end across a span of time. […]