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Take the pressure off you

I read the following story in “O’s Little Guide to Finding Your True Purpose” and couldn’t help sharing it. “A friend had an Indian guru who was the embodiment of love, and the guru died. Bereft, my friend went back to India and stayed with the guru’s principal disciple, and one day the disciple said, […]

Why Cal Newport Is Right About Productive Meditation?

Theodore Roosevelt, 26th US President, had hopelessly scattered attention. He had, what his friends called an “amazing array of interests” — a list that contained boxing, wrestling, bodybuilding, dance lessons, poetry readings, and a lifelong obsession with naturalism. While studying at Harvard, his landlady was not pleased with her young tenant tendency to dissect and […]

A place of one’s own

I am reading Cal Newport’s new book called Deep Work. It starts with a story about Carl Jung, needless to say I was straightway hooked. It couldn’t resist sharing the story with you. It starts like this… In the Swiss canton of St. Gallen, near the northern banks of Lake Zurich, is a village named […]