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What would you read to someone who is dying?

This is what Annie Dillard had asked Alexander Chee’s class (writer of How to Write an Autobiographical Novel). She wanted this to be the standard for their work. What a great question to test the quality of your work. The ultimate goal to strive for. When I think of a dying person I think of […]

You don’t have to worry what to write about…

Recently, Austin Kleon, author of How to Steal Like an Artist and Keep Going, said in the interview with Madeleine Dore (Extraordinary Routines), “I think routine is so important, especially when you’re getting started creatively, but for me right now, I almost need checkboxes and rituals more than I need routine.” Currently, his daily checkboxes […]

Lie to me!

There is so much to like about the Sydney Writers Festival this year. First of all this year’s theme – “Lie to me”. This is what the artistic director Michaela McGuire has to say about the theme: “In the second season of the greatest television show ever made, Buffy the Vampire Slayer learns a hard […]


“Dance….and for years later you’re dancing around your kitchen with a pint of milk in your hand. The windows are open wide, the neighbours are still awake, and they are watching you fall in love with being alive.” – Morsus Engel

Almost there…

Now that NaNoWriMo is close to finishing, I am ready to come out of self-imposed hibernation feeling relieved and ecstatic. Just short of 6751 words to win the challenge at the time of writing this post, I am fairly certain that I will be able to knock these down in the next two nights. Now […]

November novel writing month

NaNoWriMo has started and this year I am writing a non-fiction book. I am a proud participant in the program for eight years. This year my strategy is to write 600 words in the morning, 600 hundred during the day and 600 in the evening. I must say, it is working like magic. Photo by […]