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It Worked!

Hi All,

The post I sent earlier was from my mobile phone. It was an experiment.

In a few days I am travelling to United Kingdom and was wondering how will I continue to write a post a day if I can’t write one from home.

From there came the idea of writing the post from my phone. I downloaded the free WordPress app, hand wrote a note and off it went.

To hand write the note was even more creative idea than writing the post using phone app. Not entirely original yet very creative.

I have long been inspired by Debbie Millman who has handwritten her book “Look Both Ways.”

If a book can be handwritten, so can be a blogpost.

Besides, handwritten post is more personal, just like a handwritten letter.

And I am finding that typing a post from mobile phone is less intimidating than typing it from my computer.

What do you think of this little experiment of mine? Is it worth continuing or should I abandon it right here before it gets absurd? Drop me a line to let me know either way.

The feature image at the start of the post is also a book by Debbie Millman.

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