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Travel Writing – the worst job in the world

In an article in The Telegraph, travel writing was rated as the most overrated job, even ahead of a chef, an advertising executive, an architect, and a junior investment banker.

Travel writing is called a profession akin to a nightmare with good weather.

Yet the universal perception is that that is a dream job.

Ask a professional travel writer and you will get the true picture.

On the face of it, travel writing does sound pretty amazing. You get paid to travel! You get to see the world, indulging two passions at once. You get to inspire people to follow their dreams. You get to see things and meet people that constantly amaze you, and you get to call it a job.

Ben Groundwater

Get the money and prestige out of it, travel writing is something worth pursuing for.


Because travel changes you. It gives you a new perspective on things.

You get out of the daily grind and suddenly the world becomes such an interesting place.

Humans were not meant to work twelve hours and day.

My bags are packed and I am on a four-week journey through Turkey, Egypt and Jordan.

Wait for daily dispatches.


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