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Only 66 days for the year to end

Each year, panic starts around this time of the year – only two months for the year to end. It is even more evident if you keep a daily diary and pages start thining on the right-hand side.

Still, a lot can be done in this period.

I have been frantically finishing a lot of projects I started this year, one of them is developing a Life Story Blogging course I will be workshopping early next year to the University of Third Age students.

A few months ago I started making photo books with thousands of digital photos on my phone camera. I have only been able to make two. There are at least three more to make.

Travel journals with brochures are another thing that I just started that will require a lot of input.

In a week’s time, thousands of people will be participating in National Novel Writing Month and will be writing a book within 30 days.

Each year I participate in this challenge. This year I will be traveling, so instead of writing 1667 words a day. Instead, I will be working on producing a page a day, of a travel journal, with writing, drawings, and lettering combining three of my passions.

If all goes well, I too will have a book to show at the end of the month.

I will keep myself accountable by posting it regularly here.

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